Why Give?
Some people love money so they use people to get money. At Spirit Of Truth Church we love people so we use money to love on people by meeting some of their most basic tangible needs. Ministry has been defined as finding a need and meeting it or finding a hurt and healing it. You can help us do ministry where ever we find it in our community around the country or anywhere in the world, by sharing with us, together we can fulfill lives and advance the Kingdom of God..We understand that sometimes life gets busy and we forget. To make it easier, we encourage you to set up recurring donations.
Short on time?
No problem. You can now give by text. Simply text the dollar amount to (952) 333-4434. First-time users can set up an account for future ease. After that, you just text the dollar amount in the future or set up recurring donations.
For donations to other funds text:
For General Tithe/Donations – text $amount to (952) 333-4434
For Building Fund – text $amount + “build” to (952) 333-4434
For Youth Ministry  – text $amount + “youth” to (952) 333-4434